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Humanity Records Artists

Cyril Mazard aka Surreal Hazard

hazard surreal

Cyril Mazard
born 1966 in Paris, France
he moves to the USA in 1976.
He meets Peter Missing in 1989 at CBGB in Lower East Side.
He is in the band Motherheadbug from 1988-1991 & plays the bass drum & sings one French song for the band.
He joins the band the War Hippies from 1992-2001 & plays bass & produced one album + shoots & produced videos for the band.
He starts making music with Peter Missing under the name M7H around 2001 up to now, he & Pete Missing produced three albums + videos.
He joins the collective group Surface2Air from 2000-2004 where he collaborated on different projects.
Cyril believes himself to be a painter first & foremost & additionally is known to have self published & distributed several comic books.
In the end, Cyril prides himself in believing that he has wasted his time on this earth better than anyone equal amount of drum, bass, noise & humor


surreal hazard berlin

Surreal Hazard at Conto Gallery, Berlin, Exhibitionn 2009



BINÄR (realtime/elektroland)


Binär has been making electronic music since 1997, with roots in the Berlin Underground of the late-1990s and encompassing styles ranging from Techno, Acid and Electro to Noise/Trash. The sound is generated by improvisation with prepared elements, like beats, bass lines, melodic elements and noises, which are combined to form new fractals. Work is currently underway on a first vinyl for release.

Tobias Lintl

Born in Munich
Studied Philosophy in Berlin
Studied at the Academy of Fine Art in Vienna, under Franz Graf and Daniel Richter
Organises music events, producer, started and runs a label, DJ, artist

Launched the Binär music project in 1997, which is devoted to electronic sound art.
Over 500 appearances at several venues and in many towns and cities in Europe since the launch of the project.

Cooperations with Philip Quehenberger since 2007, including Psycotroniv.
Has released 5 CDs to date, and is represented in a number of compilations; tracks played by numerous radio stations, Perfomed "Cracked Ocean" with Pete Missing in Tacheles theather 1998 opening for Dr. Motte from Love Parade Berlin.

Florian Langmaack


Florian Langmaack born: Hamburg
artist musician film set designer and poet
Florian has a wide range of musical directions
an innovator of homemade instruments
his newest square taiko drum is now being promoted in Japan
Florian's early years involved many tracks and concerts with Missing
Foundation and his Hamburg Project Cyan Revue released many vinyls
The newest project the taiko orchestra called TAIKOON


more info on Taikoon

on the 'electronic collection 1993-2010' the two albums 'rotation" and "low denominator" are Florian's best electronic engineering

Florian continues to stay in the eleventh dimension



Peter Missing

peter missing

Peter Missing born : Bronx, New York
lived on Lower East Side 1983-1993

bands :
Drunk Driving
Bob Bert, Chris Egan, Jeff Holiday, Florian Langmaack
released one cassette and one unreleased album 1980-1983

Missing Foundation:
released 5 albums on restless records 1985-1995
plus two singles
PeterMissing / Surreal Hazard
recorded three albums :
Naturevolt and Rocket the U.S. and War of the Minds
Global Warning single released on Scrap Records, England
and on lost Frog Productions, Japan

Peter Missing started recording in 1979 and has continued to stay progressive over the years.
The main scope of the recordings is digital vocal scratching and creating rhythms that sound like many different instruments
Peter Missing uses mostly his own samples creating a more realistic soundscape.
The main goal of the new project M7H is to bring some soul into the electronic movement with a message for all future generations
Pete has performed many concerts in Europe and America over the 30 years



The new electronic collection will give the world a deeper meaning of Peter Missing's solo projects, different from the recordings of MISSING FOUNDATION. Pete lives on another continent with a different political viewpoint.The messages running through the new release are about the time we live in... "2010"; and MISSING SEVEN HAZARD is the new band with the same power as Missing Foundation.

After many years in exile from the U.S.A., Pete Missing was definitely not sleeping in a dark hole.
Here is the second half of PETER MISSING'S music bank and is packed with many musical styles and directions.
After many years of compiling these tracks the label and Pete Missing are sure to open a door in music history.
MISSING SEVEN HAZARD, the main feature band on the release is experimental, poetic, and artisitc, leaving the listener with some food for thought, on a weird and funky atmospheric level. After leaving america in 1993 many of his views changed mainly because he is looking at the country from outside . This collection is a full documentary of his work after MISSING FOUNDATION. Pete would feel like a vegatable if he continued to make industrial noise . This release is a progression of PETE MISSING'S sound .
We hope to reach out to the masses at large cause the world needs to turn around and protect the next generation and this magic planet.


Photo by Jennifer Collins Ash

"I am your butler at the edge of the abyss."

"Inspiration on this release is my best offer."







peace and love to you all

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